Sunday, April 18, 2010


I got to thinking about age. Sometime in your life you will be twice as old as someone else.

When I was born my Grandma was 45. So when I was 45, she was 90 and twice as old as I.

A couple of days ago Ashlee Sharp turned 25. I am twice as old as she.

I met this young woman when she was three. She lived next door to us. She poked her head in our front door and said, "Is there anyone here that can play?" So I let my toddler, Courtney play with her. Court was almost two.

I guess that is why Courtney has always been somewhat mature. She started out playing with three year olds. She and Ashlee and Kelli Jean all played together. Kelli Jean's mom would send Courtney home for biting Kelli.

Courtney and Ashley grew up together. They have so many shared memories - they will always have a special bond.

Kind of like the people who are throwing me this benefit. I knew these people when we were kids. We grew up in Bellevue, Nebraska and we have shared childhood memories. There is something about knowing someone when you were kids. You can see each other after years and years and years and it is as if you never had time separating you!!

So Ashlee? (Or as Baby Chelsea would call you, "Hashee.") Happy Birthday. A quarter of a century is long enough to know better!! You are like one of my kids and I love you!!!

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CK said...

I like this. :) Fun to reminisce!