Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life is not fair

There are several things that are not fair.

Going through a divorce is not fair. You get married and have kids with hopes of a future that will last a lifetime. You see these couples celebrating their 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries and wonder what got them there?

Usually there is one person in the relationship who has it. I think this can be a process of months and years. Sometimes the other person's life has the rug pulled out from under it. They didn't even know anything was wrong!

Do you fall out of love? Do you start to hate and despise? Is the alternative better? Sometimes I think it is a source of control. If the spouse does not do what you want then you leave.

Another thing that is not fair. Church Splits. School Splits.

I was attending First Church of the Open Bible. For some reason the Board hired a man who was a very good preacher on paper (and he was for HIS denomination) but not a good fit for the church. Problems started immediately. But what the problem was were MEN who could not accept that THEY were wrong. They dug in their heels and would NOT hear anything anyone was saying. The church divided, split and it was ugly. Now you go to that church and you wouldn't know it was the same church. You go to New Hope Assembly of God and you might recognize a bit of First Church......half the people who were not heard at First Church ended up there.

Same thing during the Des Moines Christian School split. The board decided in the middle of the school year to fire the principal and the superintendent. Well the association had a fit and voted the Board off and the Board wouldn't leave!! It was another example of MAN thinking they were beyond reproach and how dare anyone else question them? They dug their heels in and Iowa Christian Academy was born.

Why is it that so many people will not accept that they could EVER be wrong?

I have had the same situation with other people. No matter what I said, I could not convince this person that they were wrong EVER. So I finally (after years and years and years) stopped trying. Why continue to beat your head against a brick wall. Eventually the hurt should teach you!!

As I reread this blog I realized..........it is about control. I'll show you. I am in control. However, this attitude rarely gets you anywhere and it might be a good day to say to yourself. "Self?" "You are not in control! Get over yourself!"

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