Thursday, April 29, 2010

Too Soon Old and Too Late Smart

I went to Mayo yesterday with my good friend, Sherrie Richey. We met with a young, east Indian woman who was a "fellow" working with my Dr. Okuno. She was very articulate. We both were taken aback by how tiny and young she was. We figured early 30s.

Then I got to thinking. Why is it that so many people do not make wise choices in their youth and have a hard time getting it and getting it right? I see so many people (and I was one of them) who are in their thirties and they haven't gotten anywhere. Their lives are a series of start ups but no finishes.

There are some (like this doctor) who must have gotten it. Go to school. Get your degree. Go on and get your Masters or go to Law School or be a doctor. But no. That is too long and too hard. But we, as adults who have lived a few years understand that the time goes quickly and you are going to be 30 one day anyway, why not be thirty and successful.

Partying as a detour. I also have seen kids get into a school situation and they let themselves run amock. They party too much and do not study. There is not balance in their lives. If a kid can go to school and balance fun with class and studies, then I think they are very successful young people who are getting it at an early age.

I have looked around and noticed how some people never get it. They go through their life and never have a steady job. Longevity is something NOT apparent on their resume. I call this frittering away your life trying to find the perfect fit that never comes.

There is also an interesting phenomenon I have observed. It's like this joke.........a guy is in a flood and he is standing on his roof. He prays out to God to save him. A guy comes by on a boat and asks him if he needs a ride, he says no. Then a guy in a canoe comes by and asks if he can get him out of there.....nope, God is going to save me. Finally the river rises and the guy drowns. In heaven he asks God, "God I thought you were going to save me!" God says I SENT A BOAT AND A CANOE TO GET YOU OUT!!!

I have a friend who is waiting for God to tell him what to do. I gave him some advise and he wasn't quick to take it. He said something like, "well that seems like the obvious thing to do but I don't want to jump on it because it is obvious." Then I wonder if he had prayed and God sent him my way to give him a nudge and he didn't take it? I only say that because God told me he needed to be friends with a certain guy and I told him and he didn't act on it.....then through some other events he became that guys best friend........hmmmm.........they might have met earlier if he had taken my advise.

My mom always says, "too soon old and too late smart." I know this because I am older and wiser. I wanted to exercise early on but was chastised about it being selfish and what would the employees at Wellspring think if I came in an hour later than usual. Now I know that that wouldn't have mattered to anyone but the person who thought it might. I would have been more physically fit and probably less sick at this time. Excercise is healthy. Eating right is healthy. It is not being self centered to take time for yourself to be healthy. Also just taking ME time. Pedicures. Massages. Movies. Eating out. Doing what you want to do. Mothers so often become caretakers of everyone else and never take care of themselves.

It all takes discipline. It takes a plan. You have to know where you wanna go, how you are going to get there and then take the steps necessary to work your plan. It is important to me now to have all the cards on the table. I cannot guess what my future holds, I need to know so I can plan accordingly. Even if I live another 30 years, I have to plan like I won't. I have to get my ducks in a row and do it right.

Everyone should do that. Young AND old. But especially young. If you dream a dream and then take the necessary steps to live it you can get your dream!! If you always wanted to be an actor than try out for a part at the playhouse. Study it in school. Move to New York. Try out for plays and soap operas and commercials. Don't sit in Des Moines, Iowa and wish you were an actor.....it doesn't work that way. Take the steps.

So kids in your thirties.......you are still young. Don't be too soon old and too late smart. Talk to your spouse. Make a plan. What is it going to take to move your family from here to where you want it to be? Does the wife have to step up while the husband finishes some schooling? or visa versa? Do what it takes to make something of your life. And when you get a job.....STAY!! Get some seniority....it looks good on a resume. Volunteer. That looks good on a resume!!

Go for it so you don't live with regret. You will be respected more and you will respect yourself as well!


CLK said...

why is there a picture of me in this? lol

Kelly said...

because I feel like you are following your goals methodically