Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here's another small world story from my youth

Right after high school I went to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. I lived there one semester.

The girl next door (Cindy Lou) and I hit it off. We had so much fun together!!

She pointed out this gorgeous guy that was probably pledged by THE best fraternity. He was a model. We saw his picture in local ads, etc. We stalked him. Whenever we would see him we would follow him, oooh and ahhh over him. He was knocked down dragged out gorgeous!!

Of course, he had no idea we existed.

That Christmas our family and a few others went to Hawaii. Me and the other teenagers went to Spago disco one night. Guess who was there? The model from Lincoln!!

I went up to him and asked him if he was from Nebraska. His answer? I suppose you wanna dance? So we danced.

I walked off the dance floor and chuckled to myself, "I wish Cindy Lou was here!"

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Paigeisms said...

How's he lookin' now??