Friday, April 16, 2010

Mean Old People

All my friends seem to like Jimmy John's. My mom and I had one up at Mayo and everything was wonderful except the mayo. Oil and eggs.......yuck...

So today I made my way to the new Johnston Jimmy John's to try it out - sans Mayo.

The place was packed. In front of my was this old guy. He stormed out the door. The kids behind the counter were yelling after him......"Sir? Do you still want your sandwich?" His mortified wife came back in and took the sandwich.

I asked, "Was he mad?" They told me he was.

Then I got to thinking. Why is it old people tend to get crotchety? This business was brand new. They had about 15 people behind the counter trying to keep up with the crowds. I figure, give 'em a break.....it's a new business. But no, this old fart had to rain on their parade.

Maybe it is a good thing I might not make it to a ripe old age. I just cannot imagine being a negative old person!!


Carolyn said...

You are going to make it to a ripe old age and you will not be crochety!! Look at the GREAT example you had in your Dad!!

CLK said...

shut up mom! you're makin it to a ripe old age. and you're gonna LIKE IT! =D and also, i don't think you could be a grouchy old person!