Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Keep You Eyes Open For People In Need

When I was a young mother, just divorced I don't think people saw how much I was in need of help.

Meanwhile my grandmother would go to my aunt's house and clean her house and do laundry. She would go to my mom's house and clean her house.

I was a single parent of three young children. My youngest had autism. I was basically broke. I always had more month than money and never any extra money. I had to work everyday so I didn't have time to keep my house clean. I barely had enough time to mow the lawn, do the laundry and keep the dishes up. The girls' rooms were pits. There was dust on all the furniture. The floors were dirty. Things were unorganized. I was sinking and no one offered to lend a helping hand. I lay in bed for months in a state of depression. I was still expected to be all things to all people.

I would get birthday cards from my gram which always included how hard my mom had it. I could never understand how she could state something so wrong to the person who actually had it hard.

Now I understand my gram doesn't eat well. I think she thinks groceries are expensive and she may be afraid of driving. So she goes without food and no one takes a bag full of groceries to her.

Courtney and I talked about it and are going to go to the store and fill her fridge and pantry with frozen meals and soups.

People don't seem to realize how much they could help people in times of need.

I am so blessed to have some wonderful friends from my hometown of Bellevue, Nebraska who are putting on a benefit for me to help with medical and personal expenses. This is the first time in my life I have felt the love and care from people in my time of need.

I just want to remind everyone that sometimes people need people. Get your benevolent antennas up and it will be easy to find people who need something. Sometimes it is just a hug and the validation that they are doing a great job with their life, family, job.

Sometimes people could use clothes, food, money. See if God lays someone on your heart. I promise you, your benevolence will be appreciated!!!

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CK said...

So true, Mama, so true. I want to be giving and helpful to people. :)